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Is tht ur bby”


The daily Levi.

The daily Levi.

favorite movie

Modest Mouse - Bukowski
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Bukowski | Modest Mouse

If god controls the land and disease and keeps a watchful eye on me and if he’s really so damn mighty, well my problem is I can’t see who would want to be such a control freak? 

I think you're the cutest, not only in your physical beauty, but your who you are as a person is even beautiful to me. The gap in your teeth, your glimmering eyes and shape, some of which you may consider imperfections, make you perfect in of themselves to me. You are a good person, Dustin and don't you ever forget that.

I feel like this is somebody really close to me. If  you are, please come off anon.

Don't be so down on yourself! You're very handsome

im pretty basic but stop being anon and ill love you too.

You might think you have an ugly face, but it's actually quite lovely. You are quite lovely; so much so that I blush at the thought of talking to you because I'm a fucking nerd. You're a remarkably lovely human

talk to me then you damn nerd, i’ll love you

I can really only write this music when I’m drunk. I have no idea what this is. Picking with my fingers is hard right now.

"Should it cut like a knife through my bones,
left to sit through it all on my own,
I’d still take another man down for you.”

Expire - Pretty Low
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Refuse to let my life be reduced to rubble
when the shit keeps piling up

man I don’t even dig expire’s music but the end is seriously so fucking hard

I literally hate my stupid fucking face and my hair and my awkward stomach and the fact that I can’t even grow a beard to cover up my stupid face and distract people from the rest of my shitty things